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The session flow, studio tour, and FAQs about the empowering Brooke Blane boudoir experience!


"I've struggled with my body image internally for a while now and this session made me feel so beautiful in my own skin. Brooke is incredible at creating images and placing you in poses that are so flattering"

the purpose behind my pursuit

It’s far more than a sexy photoshoot. 

It’s an experience that opens your eyes to yourself, your beauty, your strength and your power. It’s not just for your significant other to see you, but an opportunity to grow in your self love and finally see yourself. It’s not just a beautifully designed, leather bound album but a chance to embrace what imperfections you may think you have and feel who you are in your own skin. This experience is not a culmination of poses that I’ll guide you through, but a chance to connect with yourself and feel empowered through each breath and click of the shutter.  

I’ve already heard so many inspiring stories from women who doubted their worth, were recovering from self abuse or other mental hold. I’ve been told first hand how much this experience meant to them and their mental health, and to be a part of that positive inner growth sets my soul on fire. 

I am truly honored I get to call this my job. My face lights up seeing women love themselves, and it inspires me to no end! I just pray I get the opportunity to serve more women and help them fall deeper in love with themselves because it truly makes my life.

I know it's hard to be bold and step out of your comfort zone, but I promise you won't regret it and if you can't tell, I’m super passionate about being your biggest hype girl. 

Located in Aiken, SC, my studio has been converted into a place where people leave feeling empowered and inspired. 

Key Features:
Private | Multiple backdrops | Mini Bar (need I say more?)

The Studio

I felt so natural and comfortable.

Harli's Testimony:
I was really nervous going into my boudoir session. I think everyone would agree that there is a huge sense of vulnerability to put yourself out there like that…lots of questioning your insecurities…but AS USUAL Brooke pulls through with making me the most comfortable I have ever felt in my own skin. Brooke has a way with words and her presence just calms you. She does everything possible to make sure you have a good time and you feel amazing doing it. I would redo my boudoir shoot 100 times over with how much fun I had with Brooke and taking these photos. If you think you felt good during the shoot….JUST WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE YOUR GALLERY FOR THE FIRST TIME. Whether you are taking these photos for yourself or your significant other…girl, you are about to be feeeeeeelllllinnnnggg yourself. Brooke nailed it. I couldn’t be happier and MAN do I feel pretty walking through the rest of my week. Do it, do it, do it!! You will not regret a second!

I feel so beautiful in my body.

 It felt so nice to see myself in a way I normally don't get to

I highly recommend 

"I truly feel like a better version of myself because of my boudoir session with Brooke"




We'll figure out a day to schedule your 90 minute session and handle all the booking paperwork + questionnaires upfront where you'll express your comfort level and session wants! 


Prep. prep. prep.

You'll get my prep guide and start planning your 3-5 outfits! Don't forget about the items in my client closet!! 


Preparing yourself

Make sure you book all necessary appointments before your session. Pamper, hydrate and stretch! Drink tons of water!



You're prepped and ready! Arrive for your session for professional hair and makeup (if you chose that package) sip on a complimentary bubbly and get ready for the best experience of your life!


The Reveal

2 weeks following your session, you'll return for your gallery reveal where you'll pick your favorite images and products! 


packages start at $450

What if I'm not comfortable? 

I hear this at every session! You have every right to be nervous, this is a vulnerable experience, but after it's all said and done I promise you'll love it! The whole session flow begins with getting you warmed up! You'll be a pro and ready to book your next one before it's over!

How many images and outfits do I get?

I recommend at least 3 outfits, but up to 5. I love a classic sheet look because it's playful and fun, so think about "non-outfit" outfits, too! You'll get at least 60 images, but more like 100+ because we'll get so many good ones ;)

Do you shoot couples? 

Intimate couples boudoir, no. Snuggly couples studio sessions or coastal beach sessions-- all day long!! 

Where is your studio?

My luxury studio is located at the back of my home in Aiken, SC. It is fully private with 180 degree sheers that let in beautiful sunlight. 


At this time, I do not travel for in-home sessions, but I'm looking to begin offering intimate outdoor boudoir sessions! 

How do I get an album?

If you get the package that includes the album, I'll be hand designing that based on the images you pick during your reveal. You'll provide feedback and revisions and then once the order is placed, the album will be on your doorstep in 4 days! You can also add an album a la carte!

How long until I get my images?

I don't do sneak peeks for boudoir (but may send some BTS while I'm editing). You'll get your gallery within 3 weeks of your session!

Can I do this with a friend?

I love when someone wants to bring another hype girl. Sometimes you just feel better having someone you know with you. I allow BFFs, just no significant others during the shoot! 

Do you share all the images? 

I share images where there has been a signed model/media release. If you want your images to be private, no problem, I won't share a single one!

Frequently asked questions

If you're looking for dreamy, romantic fine art imagery, but a well-organized and executed process, you're in luck. Let's schedule a consultation and see if this is the right fit.

Let me help you feel as beautiful as you are!

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